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Providing safe and convenient blood draws for children is one of Staci’s Phlebotomy Service’s main goals. My team of expert child phlebotomists combines dedication of quality service with compassionate and kind treatment for each and every child.
My staff is the epitome of commitment and promises to provide the best in patient care for you and your child. Comprised of carefully trained and educated individuals, my team understands the stress you may be under while your child needs blood work or testing.
Because I truly believe in giving the best care, my services are specially adapted or developed for the pediatric patient. All phlebotomists are certified in specialized pediatric services and care.
Staci’s Phlebotomy Service provides pediatric specialties for specimen collection and blood draws. My exceptional staff is calming for both body and mind to comfort you and your child’s anxiety while performing the venipuncture procedure as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 

My phlebotomy staff works to attain the highest quality specimens possible with the fewest number of sticks needed. I achieve this by giving you dedicated employees who are given continual education. I also ensure my staff’s expertise by systematic reviews.
I monitor my staff’s service very careful so that your blood draw is done quickly, painlessly, and with little discomfort. All of my team loves children and knows how to comfort them while completing the needed services with little fuss. 
When you need services for childrens phlebotomy in Seattle, WA, arrange a meeting with Staci’s Phlebotomy Service. 

I have the specialized team who will care for your child.

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