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I have the unique pleasure to have specialized in phlebotomy services for the elderly. Those seniors who may require special considerations before, during, and after the venipuncture procedure are in good hands with my team
Some aging patients have trouble being mobile, even getting into or out of a chair may be difficult. Geriatric patients may also be unsteady on their feet. My team is trained for such circumstances, with reactions that are appropriate, taking care to walk alongside the patient, if necessary. Above all else, I want to ensure patient safety.
My phlebotomists are trained to handle the correct amount of applied pressure, ensuring no bruising or pain. I promote using a gentle adhesive bandage for quickly stopping bleeding and maintaining skin integrity. 
For every specific blood draw, I can assure you that my employees are experienced in drawing blood before a vein rolls, which often happens with venipuncture. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed for every procedure. This is why my team comes to your home at no extra charge.
You can rest assured that geriatric experience required for all employees with my company. Each phlebotomist has years of geriatric experience in blood draws. 
Learn more about my geriatric services today. 

Staci’s Phlebotomy Service has the most experienced employees for geriatrics phlebotomy in Seattle, WA.

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